Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Derick Kopp, and I am excited to have you join me in my new foray in blogging. I primarily decided to start blogging to gain clarity about some thoughts and ideas that I’ve recently been reflecting on. So, this blog is first and foremost an archive for my thoughts and ideas. But, I also hope that it will have four additional outcomes:

  • A place for discussion (please leave feedback!),
  • An opportunity to network,
  • A medium to improve my writing skills, and
  • Maybe even an encouragement for you to start your own blog.

I have recently been very impacted by books, podcasts, and other resources that have challenged me to be deliberate and ambitious in my journey through life. To that end, it is my desire to better myself in three ways, and these are three of the four categories that will comprise the blog:

  • Intentional leadership (at home, work, church) – because effective leadership doesn’t happen by accident;
  • Strategic personal growth – because I’m either growing or I’m fostering a personal culture of apathy; and
  • Increased productivity – because time is too precious of a commodity to be aimlessly kicked around like a soccer ball at a 5-year olds’ soccer game.

The fourth category is entrepreneurship/small business – because I have always dreamed of starting and running a small business (and not just because I want a plaque that says “proprietor” with my name on it by the entrance). Over the years, my ideas for businesses, in no particular order, have included a towing/auto transport company, a piano services company (tuning and repair), an engineering firm (I’m an engineer by profession), a music academy, an auto repair shop, after-school tutoring, and business development consulting.

Initially, my goal is to post about once every 10 days, and then, reconsider down the road whether or not to increase my frequency to weekly posts, or even more often than that. As I continue posting, I encourage you to leave feedback (positive or negative) – I look forward to hearing from you.

Until the next post,