About Me

As stewards of the lives that each of us has been given, I believe that it is our responsibility to make our lives count by being deliberate and ambitious as we travel through life. As a result, I write primarily about leadership, personal growth, and productivity. And, because it is of personal interest to me, I also write about entrepreneurship/small business.

My goal in this blog is to provide encouragement to be intentional in the decisions we make – so our lives are characterized by purpose and fulfillment.

You’ll enjoy this blog if you’re interested in discovering, along with me, what effective leadership, strategic personal growth, and increased productivity is all about.

I typically post about once every 10 days or so.


Although I was born in the States, I spent the first eight years of my life in Kenya and another eight years in Ireland. It was an incredible experience as a kid and as a teenager. And, although I couldn’t have described it as such at the time, it has given me a global perspective of culture, economy, tradition, and politics, all of which has helped to shape my outlook on life.

I’m an environmental engineer (not to be confused with an environmentalist) working for the last five years with a firm that provides consulting on air quality control and regulatory compliance – a mouthful, I know. I am involved in project management, business unit leadership, training course development, and peer leadership. I love what I do, and it gives me an opportunity to satisfy my inquisitive nature of always trying to figure out how things work and how to improve them.

I have been married to my wife, Katie, for five years. We have two kids, Brady (two years old) and Makenzie (eight months old). We live outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

I have two types of free time – adult free time and kid free time. In my adult free time, I enjoy playing piano, reading, and writing. In my kid free time, I enjoy doing anything with the kids, which includes pushing a stroller up and down our driveway (I’m still trying to figure out what Brady finds so intriguing about that), building legos, reading, and frantically picking bathroom door locks before all the cleaning supplies under the sink become part of a toddler’s bench-scale lab experiment (technically, this is stretching my definition of free time).

I am a member of Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia, where I am involved in the music service, children’s ministry, and serve as deacon.

Contact Information

You can contact me via email at derick.kopp@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter  or Facebook.


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