The 2-Minute Rule: How I’ve Increased My Daily Productivity

Can two minutes at a time increase your productivity? Yes, it can! Here’s how.

Image Credit: Unlisted

Image Credit: Unlisted

It’s called the 2-minute rule. The 2-minute rule has three parts.

  1. If something should take less than two minutes to do, do it now. Don’t procrastinate. So often, it’s the little tasks that bog us down and get in the way of getting anything productive done. Productivity is like a snowball. Start small. Gain momentum. Conquer the big stuff.
  2. If something should take less than two minutes, don’t spend five minutes doing it. Rarely ever does anything that should take less than two minutes require a perfectionist’s touch. It’s a two-minute task – it’s not going to make or break you, your career, or your reputation. (This is my big downfall – I can easily turn a 2-minute task into a 10-minute ordeal.)
  3. (This part is the kicker to using the 2-minute rule effectively). Don’t fill your day with so many two-minute activities that you don’t get the really important stuff done. Focus your efforts on the things that need to be done. Don’t make up two-minute activities to do so that you don’t have to conquer the 3-hour task ahead of you.

Nothing is as inefficient as efficiently doing something that doesn’t need to be done. (Paraphrase of a Peter Drucker quote.)

Note: The idea of 2-minute rule is not original to me. Lawton Ursrey and James Clear have variations on this rule that are well worth reading.

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